Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Adorable (test video)

Yeah it worked! I think anyway I can see it. Its from the Dominican College (local college) and their fall festival fundraiser.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Picture catch up

Its been almost a month! Seriously with this whole back to school thing back in swing it like non stop around here. So to catch up- pictures!

 Bubba boy has been skritched

Murph has become jealous

My kids may have lost their marbles (what little they had) BTW from left to right is Ang, MJ and Kris

Getting lots of tomatoes even with the number the squirrels are eating.

Pumpkin cookies. Kris made these. She likes to bake to bad shes not such a big fan of cleaning up after. Then again I completely understand that.

Thriftbooks.com got me again. The pile of books i have to read is crazy I really need to get going on that. Also stopped into Barnes and Nobles. Turns out perfect timing. When a paperback version comes out the hard cover gets reduced. I paid less for Harper Lee's book in hard cover then what they were charging for the paperback.

Of course there was decorating

MJ's little village.

The arms on the tree actually "grab".  They move  open and close.

Framed my knitted doily.  Need to change the background. The paper I put is shifting even though its glued down.

Went out to check on the garden today and one of my parsley plants was covered in "Parsley Worms" aka black swallowtail caterpillars.  They love parsley. So we read all about them and these guys (counted 9) will most likely winter over. I didn't have the heart to evict them. I have already harvested plenty of parsley this year so I don't mind that much.

More has happened just didn't take pictures. I really need to get better at that.


Saturday, September 9, 2017


As of 7:19 pm my Kris is now 15!! This girl is amazing and I am so proud of her.

Shes not a fan of cake so she asks for brownies, gooey ones.

Aaaannnnd my attempt to get a picture with the kids. Its hard someone is always making some sort of face.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

First Day

First out the door today was Ang my 8th grader

Then my MJ sniff sniff. He went off to kindergarten.
Then went my two off to high school. Kris is in 10th and Dillon is now in 11th! Holy *(*& 

School was pretty much the same across the board. How was school? - fine. Learn anything? - no

Busing on the other hand. The middle school pm busing was basically FUBAR with over 30 kids left behind without a bus and who knows how many one the wrong bus. I had to pick Ang up from school.
I was told the wrong times for Mj and he was a little late but it is the first day and a child was missing from our stop. I can not even imagine.  Not shockingly I could not get in touch with transportation to fix Ang's problem. They just had it loop back to the main menu. Its not rocket science here people.

Anyway. I was a complete wreck all day until all of my babies were home. Not sure if tomorrow will be any better. To all the school districts out there - these problems with transportation is the reason why so many parents drive in their kids. This year they are encouraging parents to use the bus system but yet its so f*&^ing messed up. We are seriously thinking about driving Mj in. I walked my kids to school in Long Island for this exact reason. At least Ang is old enough to help herself. Mj is 5 and still trying to remember my name.UGH!!!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

One day I'll learn

So today I woke thinking that it was a nice day and nothing was planned maybe I should block and wash the knitting that has built up.

This is what was in the Lowe's 5 gallon bucket I use. Its a lot. 3 shawls, 1 cowl, a scarf, several hats, almost all of my socks and a bunch of little things.

Ok and 1 not so little thing. My knitted doily that almost 2 feet across

Blocking pic

ornaments I made last year and just never washed. Still need to stiffen them.

The hats and socks are down in the laundry room drying. They were just washed nothing new to show. I KNew there was a lot but boy was there. It took me hours just to get everything washed and what needed to be pinned out pinned out. Only two things that were drying on my bed (the ceiling fan helps a ton to speed things up) were not dry so they are now in my closed closet. A certain furry little girl loves to lay on the knitting. In fact the moment i opened my door that is exactly what she did the little stinker. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

My sanity

Ok, so this is my new weaving. It may be hard to see, but in the bottom part are what are called pinwheels.  
There are several problems.

1. I don't think my yarn contrasts enough to really see them. Of course you can only really see this after the loom is warped and you start weaving. I was NOT going to waste the yarn (Periwinkle Sheep in Goth Girl and 11 Ways to Dry a Chili Pepper- that's the lighter orangey one)

2. There are 8 row to a repeat. Nothing really hard but 6 of those rows I have to sit there and go under and over individually with the yarn. It takes time a lot of time. which leads to...

3. Its taken me 4 days to just get 21 repeats done!

4. The pinwheels don't even look that great because I am pushing down to hard and it seems the more I try not to I wind up squishing them even more. ( Here is to hoping a nice blocking helps)

So, to save what little sanity I have left, I have switched to plain old weave. That's the top part of the weaving. Still keeping 8 row repeat just plain weave and just changing colors every 8 rows. Took about 5 minutes to do 4 repeats. Much quicker. Now I may throw in a pinwheel row here and there or I may just wait until the end and end with 21 pinwheel repeats. Well That I most likely will do. At least that way the ends are the same and it looks like I designed it to look like that.

The reason why it takes so long long is my loom only has 2 positions - Up and Down (or more technically open and closed) The pinwheel pattern was originally made for what is called 8 harnessed looms.  Basically instead of me weaving those 6 rows each time those warps are attached to a bar and you just lift that one bar depending on the row. 

For example The first pattern row goes over 4 under 4 across 104 warp threads on my loom.  An 8 harness loom you just have to lift one bar and boom the threads are up that you need and weave.

I don't know why I thought this would be a quick weave.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Weaving and a miracle

This above is me finally going beyond just plain back and forth weave. I read and then read some more -patterns blogs and articles. I am very much new to this even though i have had my loom for years. It seems that I do this. Hop around learn something move on then come back and learn something new and repeat. Well it turns out that not only knitting patterns lie so do weaving ones. I wasn't even close to having enough yarn for the blue one. =(  I'll make it into something from it. The color is too pretty not to.(BTW its Periwinkle Sheep aran in Grace.

This is the same pattern in a different yarn. Its in black and white. Hopefully a Christmas gift. Now I actually finished the weaving and its off the loom (weaving is very fast compared to knitting) half the ends are finished off. Of course it still looks the wrong size. To me it looks to short but we shall see after a nice soaking and blocking. One more thing to block-ugh! I have literally a Lowe's 5 gallon bucket full of blocking. Probably should do that soon.

This is the miracle. Only Mj knew I was taking the picture ( hence why it not a great picture). This is proof that my 4 wonderful kids can actually be in a room (Dillon's) and get along!!!!Yes the 3 older ones are on their laptops playing Minecraft together. For almost 2 hours!! Together the 4 of them!! WITHOUT FIGHTING!!!!!! They were being nice to each other!!!

I'm sure you can tell by my wording this is not something that happens in this house. I just had to mave some sort of proof. I'm thinking of having this picture printed and framed. It give me hope that it can happen. Fingers crossed.