Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Okay I finished 2 pairs of socks this month (considering today is the last day of the month it is highly unlikely that another pair will be finished unless of course I suddenly develop some sort of super powers). The first pair are Skywalker's. The grey is some stash knit picks swish dk in ash I do believe and the blue part are Shark boy singles (from Spunky) I didn't have enough singles to do the whole sock and even though you really can not see it there is some grey in the singles. I used the singles on the leg part, just 2x2 ribbing until he said it was long enough. I knitted them toe up with a short row heel. They just fit him now. He has the uncanny ability to have a growth spurt while I am knitting him socks.

pulsations and shark boy
he was off and running after this picture so it is the only one I have

These are mine

Pulsations from Spunky. I used Cherry Tree Hill dk in "Northern Lights". I knitted the first on back in June during exam time and then they sat in my bag over the summer. So the other week I figured it was about time I knitted the second one. So both were knitted in the high school that I work at.


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Abby said...

The socks look great! Glad you are back. When you don't post for a long time, I assume you are battling the RA. Hope you are feeling better.