Sunday, December 7, 2008

Let it Snow Let it snow Let it snow

I heart snow! <3 Last night it was snowing here on Long Island
our first snow 11pm
I was out for Snicky's last walk and it was also her first snow. She was born late november and we got her in late January so she wasn't allowed out until after the snow season was gone. She really did not know what to do. Last night it freaked her out (which is very easy to do to my beloved scaredy dog)
Snicky's first snow
This morning she was a little better. I had to walk her around other dogs' footprints and then she got the idea it was ok to go about her business. She also learned snow was edible when i scooped some into my hand and offered it to her.

I am hoping this is a sign of things to come! Bring on the Snow!!!!!

Here is a comic from todays paper.
so me
(you can click on it to make it bigger)

Need I say more?



Karen said...

Yup, we had snow too. I hate it. I'd gladly send you my snow any time!!

Love the comic. :) I *gasp* forgot to bring my knitting to my last dr. appt. And another patient in the waiting room was knitting. I had to physically restrain myself from grabbing her needles and yarn and knitting a few rows!!

AMalwayswriting said...

You have an award! Check it out on my blog =D