Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yes people I am still here

=) I am still here just not doing well. Not to bad, I will live just do not want to go into it. I can not sit for more then a few minutes hence why the radio silence. Today I am having a good day so what do I do..... I blog! =)

Where to start I have lots of pictures of stuff I have not blogged about, lots of stuff I have to take pictures of so I can blog about and well I guess it can be overwhelming.

Sad news my friend E lost her husband. She was holding out for another miracle but it didn't come. I have not been able to see her but I have talked to her and sent my thoughts and hugs to her. Of course E being E wanted to know how I was doing. So if you you can please send her and her boys some good thoughts.

I did get to finish her shawl
e's finished shawl

This is the best picture i have of it. I gave it to her back in the beginning of March.

Lets end this on a little bit happier note shall we.

lady bug

Is this Lady bug not adorable!!

lady bug

I threw this together for another co worker who is having her first (or could have had at this point) I used superwashed wool and sewed on felt eyes and spots. It really is cute and everyone loved it. I have my notes on it so I may write it up.

well I have to go now hopefully I will be back soon



Abby said...

Beautiful shawl! Hope it helped your friend feel cared for.

SDQuilter said...

I hope you are feeling better. I am sorry to hear about your friends....loss. That is such a tiny word for a earth shattering event. My prayers go out to all of you. Your work is truly wonderful. The shawl is very beautiful and I am sure it is a comfort to her.

Jill said...

That ladybug is very cute. I'm glad to hear you're still hanging in there. And my thoughts are with your friend.

Rest yourself up and I hope you start feeling better. :)