Sunday, January 10, 2010

A very long term project

( let's try this again. All my text got eaten it looks like so I will retry)

ok the above picture is of a scrap blanket the I have been working on during football this weekend. I am using my worsted weight leftovers to either make into a blanket, throw, scark, or pillow depending on my stamina ( and scraps).

I also seem to be in a sort of knitting funk. I really do not want to start anything new. I finished three old projects and am working on four others. Plus I have frogged two. I am thinking about going through everything and seeing what WIPS I have. Might as
well take full advantage of this funk after all.

I also would lime to congratulate the Ravens for giving the Patroits their loss. It totally made my day to watch poor lil Brady pouting on the sidelines.

: )


Karen said...

So pretty. I started one over a year ago, but with left-over sock yarn. I know, crazy, right?? I have about as many squares knit as you. Can't remember the last time I picked it up though. I should try to work on it a few times a week.

Abby said...

That funk won't last long, believe me. I don't like the Ravens or the Patriots, but I guess I dislike the Ravens a little less. Go Colts!