Saturday, December 18, 2010


I am laying here in bed listening to my kids sing Queen. Granted it is " we will rock you". But hey it is in my opinion better then most music out today. ( ahhh I am turning into my parents. They used to say that!) anyway I am pretty sore and bruised. More sore then pain. Each day better then the last. Today I could actually go potty by myself!! =). It's the little things you know?

Sadly no knitting has been going on and I only have till wednesday for three if them ( they're teacher gifts). They are the only gifts I am going to stress over. Everything else will just have to go with the flow

: D

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mom said...

absolutely, take care of yourself first, everyone should be adult about what's going on and just relax, that's not what Christmas is about.....i love u and you are the best!!! love mom

Aunty said...

So glad you're healing quickly. You've got the right attitude, Q. Take very good care of yourself and have a merry Christmas.

Smoochies to all

Abby said...

Wishing you healing holidays! And if those gifts are late, I'm sure the recipients will understand.