Sunday, February 13, 2011


There were a bunch born last year. I made a bunch of baby stuff and still need to post most of them. This post is about one for a little cousin born in November.

First though a little something for the big sister
Bella's bunny
A little knitted bunny, which believe it or not is made from a knitted square with ears added.
Now for the little babe. I made her a quilt.
Riley's quilt
Ladybugs and strawberries.
Riley's quilt
Bright and cheerful for a happy little babe

I tried some free hand quilting. Not to bad IMO.

Mom and girls love them.



Aunty said...

The bunny is ADORABLE and the quilt is so sweet! Great work, Q!

Smoochies to all

Mereknits said...

I love making things for much fun. Happy Valentine's Day,

Toni said...

Awwww, TOO CUTE!!!!!