Wednesday, August 3, 2011


that I am passed 12 weeks and everything has been checked and ultra sounded I have been given the all clear. Not that I could get away with hiding it much longer
Seriously people. That's me a week ago. The more kids you have the faster you show but damn that was fast. Not many of my normal clothes fit so my outfits are interesting because really I don't want to have to buy maternity clothes for a little more then a months worth of wearing. So hopefully I can get to fall. I did buy one pair of maternity shorts but thats it for summer.

So our little Speck got it's name from this
Sorry it's a little fuzzy but this is how my OB confirmed Speck. See the arrow and the little speck it's pointing to. The tech had to put that in there so we could see what we were looking at. That is 4 ish weeks.

4 weeks later we have the gummi bear stage

Gummi bear stage

Seriously Speck looks like a gummi bear. Alll that in 4 weeks. Pretty amazing. That picture is from 5 weeks ago so Speck is even bigger now. Barring any medical reason we won't be able to see Speck until September for the 20 week ultra sound. We have heard Speck's heart beat. The little stinker was just like his siblings, being difficult to get the reading. Moving away from the nurse. It took 10 minutes to find the heart beat long enough to get a beats per minute reading. Preview of things to come?



Aunty said...

Surprised Aunty here, but I hope all is going well with you.

Speck, huh? I have a pregnant friend who's calling hers Eggbert.

Love you, Niece

Aunt Rene said...

did you realize that your ticker says "her" ????