Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A little something

I should be knitting on gifts for christmas. Should be. Am I ? Nope.
Irene the sheep

I started this little sheep when I was at my Mom's for Hurricane Irene for the baby. What child of a knitter and wool lover doesn't need a sheep. It is Love Ewe. So Cute!

While taking the kids to school this morning we passed a morning glory in almost full bloom. Just one. Usually there are hundreds but since it is not really the season it is just the vines. In a sea of green and sidewalk was this little flower.
Just because
It made me smile so I had to take a picture.

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Aunty said...

OMG I love the Love Ewe! What a perfect baby toy -- or kid toy. How sweet.

And you're just like your mom taking pix of flowers up close. That's one beautiful and aptly named morning glory. Thanks for sharing.

Smoochies to all