Monday, November 14, 2011


Was the 4th grade field trip. Which means that it was Drama Girl's turn. So at 28 weeks pregnant and filled with mommy guilt ( but you went with Skywalker) I endured, and I mean endured a hour long bus trip both ways to spend 3 hours at the Bronx Zoo. The zoo itself was great! Warm and sunny and no crowds what so ever. I took my big camera ( kicking myself I did not bring my telephoto lens) and Drama used my iPhone to take pictures. This is one of hers. The peacocks roam freely around the zoo and are very use to people. We were walking out of The Mouse House and practically tripped over him.
It was wonderful to spend time with just her the two of us. I just wish we didn't have to take the bus back home =]


Aunty said...

The Bronx Zoo is classic, Q. So glad you and Drama got to go together. They'll be memories you'll cherish together forever. And riding the bus 28 weeks pregnant will be a story for M too.

smoochies to all

mom said...

Drama Girl is certainly artistic. Great picture. You are a terrific mom. Love you all. mom