Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas gift wrap up

A very late wrap up but i finally got a few minutes to post more then just a quick post (hopefully i can get it done all in one shot)
 So here we go in no real order

Nutcracker embroidery

Stuffed owl for D

  hello kitty

Hello Kitty ornament (inside joke with D)

owl ornament 

Owl for our tree


Snowflake. I made over 30 different snowflakes, i have a picture of 1. Go me =)

Minecraft Creeper (its form a video game)

 baby gift 1

Baby gift for my youngest's teacher who had a baby boy
 hat 1
 Mj's 1st hat - that matches......

  mj sweater
 his sweater

  hat 2
 mjs second hat

  hat 3
 mj's 3rd hat. Another Lil' Devil hat  (Have no idea why this picture is so big)

baby gift 2
 A gift for a baby girl to be modeled by my cutie

  zombie panda 

Zombie panda for D. Zombies are a big thing in this house.

  nyan cat scarf

Nyan Cat scarf for D. Another video game.

I think that catches me up. I didn't get everything i want to get finished finished but I am still working on them. SO Christmas will last a bit longer =)


Aunt Rene said...

The best one is the nutcracker! How beautiful!

Aunty said...

Love all the hats for MJ and the pink nubbly one for the baby girl. Not sure abt all those knits for video games, but if they're appreciated, then I guess that's okay. They're way kewl anyway.

So is D Drama Queen or the one formerly known as Skywalker?

And I wonder who the nutcracker embroidery was for? Hmmmm.....

Oh, hi, Aunt Rene. {gg}

smoochies to all and beautiful work, Q!

Toni said...

WOW! You have been busy!!!!!