Monday, June 17, 2013

Because 80's and humid is perfect wool sock weather

It took almost two years to knit this one lonesome sock. Needle issues were one reason. Once I changed needles there was less strain on my hands and fingers. Small needles hurt after such little time that I usually do not knit with them but the yarn is called Zombie BBQ. I couldn't resist. Though the pooling around the ankle I could totally do without. Plus an hour at music lessons help. I need something to do and I am trying to work through a huge pile of WIPS.


Aunty said...

Interesting colors, Q. Zombie BBQ, huh?

Hope you get to finish the other sock before you need it!

Good luck with the WIPS!

smoochies to all

MOM said...


Toni said...

I agree--when one runs into a yarn named Zombie BBQ, it's mandatory! :)