Friday, September 20, 2013

New craft

For Mother's Day I was gifted a Cricket Loom. This blue and red scarf was the learning project that came with the loom. Yeah it's got it mess ups.

For my second project I made this blue scarf. Which had tension problems when i took it off the loom and looked horrible.

Well why not throw it in the washer and dryer to felt it. It was already a disaster so what more could be done.  It came out wonderful. Soft and fluffy.  While i was weaving it my son claimed it right away so while i was debating what to do with the messed up one i made another one using the same yarn. No pictures yet it's drying. Those two scarfs ate up over 600 yards of yarn. 

Weaving, once it's set up is fun and quick.Plus its it eats up yardage very quickly and it wonderful for those odd ball skeins of yarn. Which brings me to my current project.

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Aunty said...

Weaving? Wow!

I think they're ALL pretty or at least interesting.

Weaving is fascinating. I once watched a woman weave on a full-sized loom (well, it took up a quarter of the room) and I was mesmerized. It's a very old art form, Q. Just think of what you can learn to do!

Very nice indeed. Probably easier on your hands than knitting?

Smoochies to all