Monday, January 27, 2014

Arm knitting

Yep arm knitting. I saw an advertisement for it and figured it should be easy enough. It's just knitting using your arms instead of needles. Your supposed to use bulky yarn held double but I don't really have any. So I improvised. I pictured what I wanted something black with a pop of color. The black I had was a sport weight alpaca I bought at Rhinebeck. Holding it doubled I then crochet long loose chains which resulted in 6 strand thick alpaca yarn. I then used some mostly bulky hand spun yarn I had in shades of blue and then arm knitted. I knitted it as long as my arms outstretched bound off and sewed the two ends together. Ta Da I have a cowl. The whole process took an episode of MythBusters. Quick and easy. Love it   

Bad picture taken in car with glare from snow. Hey the sun was out I had to grab my chance =]

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Toni said...

Nice! I saw a picture of arm knitting recently--love the result!