Friday, May 23, 2014

My Friday Night

Some quality time with my wheel while watching Doctor Who. I am spinning a bullseye bump from Loop. I used a gift certificate that a certain Aunty gave me for my birthday. This stuff is amazing just like everything I have gotten from Loop. This is my first bullseye and I want all the bullseyes. That's how much I love them. 

Now I have to get back to The Doctor. I have 59 episodes to catch up on before August 16.( new season start)


Aunty said...

Hmmmm.... so that's a bull's-eye bump, huh? Very interesting!

So whatcha makin' with it or haven't you decided yet?

Smoochies to everyone!

Aunty said...

Oh, and 59 episodes of the Doctor before August????

You're gonna be dreaming you're in the Tardis and all Who'd out by then.