Saturday, August 9, 2014

What I've been up to

Way back in 2007 I was diagnosed with RA. I had a great doc and I went into remission. Remission so long I started to believe I didn't have it. Well it's starting to flare and well it's hard for me to knit. My fingers and toes are so sore and painful it's hard to do much if late.

What I can do is spin :)
These are the latest. The white is the spindle spun from the tour. I finished spinning it and then 2 plied it on my wheel. Over 600 yards of soft squishy fingering yarn. 
The next one is the last of the black merino with silk and angelina. This one has green. This is chain plied. 
The next is the CVM (it's an American sheep breed) that I started during the tour. It's very squishy. It will be interesting to see how it washes up. 
The last one in line is bamboo. I tried to get color repeats (dark brown light brown and red) in the chain ply. It mostly worked. Bamboo is so soft. 

Now I have a tote bag full of spun yarn that needs to be washed. Washing helps set the spin and cleans the yarn of dirt and any processing oils. 

Oh and I taught my girls how to spin on their own spindles (thank you mom). 

Kris's is on top Ang's is on the bottom. My friend Karin sent them some roving to play with and that's what they are working on now


Aunty said...

I'm so sorry you're having an RA flare, Q. I wish I could make it go away forever.

The spinning is GORGEOUS. Very very nice stuff.

And how nice that Mom has bought spindles for the girls! All encouragement to them! Now you need to teach the boys! Why not??

Love and hugs to all

Toni said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about your flare, but you're definitely making some beautiful yarn. Hope you're feeling better soon!!!!