Thursday, September 4, 2014

And Three Down

A was the last to go to school. Here she is waiting for the bus. A bus that never came - 8th year in a row we had a problem with the bus going to Paumanok. Over a quarter of a billion dollar budget  and they can't get busing right. Pretty sad. Anyway

Yes she's getting tall. Her last year in elementary school. Thank goodness. I can not take this school anymore

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Aunty said...

Still, it must be sad to see them go, no? I know you still have MJ at home, but...

And she's not carrying a backpack?? Isn't that unheard of that a schoolkid doesn't have a backpack??

Hope they're all happy in their studies this year.

Back to running with MJ yet, Q?

Smoochies to all!!