Thursday, January 7, 2016

Stash Update

Over there ------> I updated my stash counts. So for those on mobile devices here is the basic run down.

yarn used: 13,923 yards (not bad)
yarn added: 4,293 yards (okay i guess)

roving used: 73.65 oz (again not bad)
roving added: 21.6 oz (okay)

handspun made: 4,490 yards (sounds like a lot but not really considering how much fluff i have)

WIPs- 13 (need to get that down a bit)

FOs -104 (anything over a hundred is great)

yes I know I talked like this just happened - Timey Wimey (Sorry Doctor Who reference)

Now for last years numbers.  Lets compare.

Yarn Used: 7,133 yards (wow not good)
Yarn Added: 28,253 yards (HOLY TIMELORDS AND DALEKS!!!!! - sorry Im watching Doctor                                  Who while I typing)

Roving Used: 0 oz (yeah thats not good - granted my wheel was on its last legs and packed away. Hopefully i can get some serious spinning done this year. I need to because well running out of room. Heck who am I kidding I have already run out of room)
Roving Added:  77.3 oz added (I wonder why i have no room)

Handspun Made: 438 yards (sad just sad - the bright side that was all done on my spindle)

WIPs - 16  (That number is supposed to go down and it went up)

FOs - 73 (I am actually amazed that the number was that high. With everything going on I didn't do much)

So that's pretty much it.

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Aunty said...

Interesting that you keep those figures. Guess it's a knitty thing, huh?

And how can you say you have no room???

Love and kisses to all

♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥