Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Random stuff

My two Marcs

Ang teaching an old cat new tricks

the only teacher gift I made. Tissue paper flowers. They actually look amazing in the vase. (bonus - i bought everything in the dollar store )

My MJ being himself, hamming it up at his pre k graduation. ( I am going to be a mess when this one goes off to kindergarten)

Kris and her special effect make up. She is getting really good and she doesn't use anything special. Just things around the house and regular make up.

This is Hubby's signed Jason mask. He wanted to display it but keep it safe. We saw one similar displayed in a shadow box. Well for that to happen it would have had to be a custom box and they get quite pricey. Well a trip to Lowe's and AC Moore and a couple of days later -TA DA. I made one for him.. The front opens and mine lights up. It is kinda creepy in the dark to see it there. Of course this opened up a can of worms. Hubby has and actual signed piece of a zombie from the Walking Dead show and he wants something for that. Isnt he lucky I am crafty.

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Aunty said...

Love all the pix and comments. Nice to see that everyone is staying occupied this summer! lol


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