Sunday, April 29, 2007

ta-da i am blogging

ok. my first blog. my hubby has been telling me to set one up for awhile. he is the best very supportive and my biggest cheerleader. i love him to death. anyway here i am. now the problem is what to write about. hmmmm...... well i just turned the big 30, i have 3 kids (four if you include my hubby) and i live on long island (or what i like to call "this god-forsaken island) no offense to long islanders who read this, it is just that i am from upstate and i really do not fit in here. so part of it is that i am a long distance from my family and i miss them dearly, so that a big strike even brfore i moved here.

i knit. most people would say obsessed but i don't have a problem with that. i love it. my mom taught me how to knit and crochet (along with needlepoint and cross stitch) when i was five. it was so i would leave her alone. i have adhd. and that is how i deal with it. it is a lot better then meds but i don't think it is cheaper.

i also play video games. right now i am playing god of war 2, socom:combined assault, and super paper mario on the wii.

so there is a little info about me. so there you have it my first blog entry. yipee!!


ROSE said...

i read your blog..can you feel my tears...i love you and can't bear you being in pain, but i will continue to look for your blogs..keep up your good attitude; keep smiling; but also, allow yourself pity days and tears..they help clease from the inside out and then it's time to keep on going!!! i love you very much!!!hugs and kisses for all!!!!!...aunt rosie

Aunt Rene said...

a cute little "goofy" girl a cute mature, well rounded indidvidual who gets up every morning and faces the day with smiles(most days). and has three of the cutiest kids on the planet. i know that i don't see you that often but i think of you all the time. i love you very much denise carol! aunt rene