Friday, February 6, 2009

I am back

Yeah well so much for more posting. You know when everything just hits the fan? Well that is how it has been here. Nothing too bad just a lot of little annoying things. Like waking up this morning to find the temp inside the house is 50 degrees. yep the heat went. Nice. Anyway the guy is on his way to fix it.

So now I lets see if I can get caught up by March ; )

I got caught up in a new craft. Embroidery.

New addition?

I took some scrap fabric, traced the pattern (free from PatternBee) and had fun. Nothing fancy just little backstitches to draw with the thread.

little red

It is called "Little Red Riding Hood"

close up of flowers

I am going to hang this in the girls room. I have also become hook! I ordered this adorable "12 Dancing Princesses" It is 14 x 36 and adorable! I am waiting for some supplies so I can start it (interfacing and such) I am going to use fabric I already have in my stash. See I am doing good ; )


mom said...

and which beautiful granchild colored in the pattern for little red riding hood?????

you are sooo talented and busy w/everything, now embrodery(that's not right)too

love mom

Toni said...

I think it's just the time for needlework--maybe it's the cold weather outside? Or inside, in your case?

Anyway, it looks great!