Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well I have a few skeins of handspun that I have not mentioned and since I am seriously missing my wheel =( maybe showing what I made will help.

This skein is huge (for me) and took a long while for me to finish. The fiber is from Blue Moon. It is one of their Sheep to Shoe kits in I do believe Fire on the Mountain


I love all of the colors! I spun it in a way that I only had 2 plies of the same color line up and that only happened here and there.

Yarn: 302 yards 3Ply worsted weight
Fiber:8.5 oz of super washed merino


and yes that is our christmas tree in the background

Dale singles

These are the single of "Dales" fiber. I bought it from Sakina Needles (who sadly is going out of business - I did get some nice stuff from her sale)


2 hanks of 2 ply at a total yardage of 487 yards!! That is most I have gotten from anything. Granted I started with 8 oz but it was still cool.


I bought this a long while ago. Originally I bought it to spin and make something for a certain nephew of mine with the same name but now that he is almost 5, I do not think it is boyish enough.


4 simple colors, blue, green, yellow and white swirl together. I am sure I can find something for it =)

Yarn: 497 yards, 2 ply dk weight
fiber: 8 oz 100% superwashed merino

This is my favorite thing from Rhinebeck 08 (granted it is the only thing I have handled since Rhinebeck but I am sure it will stay my favorite)

Bunny foo foo

This is what 4 oz of Angora!!!! Yes people I said Angora. (Bunny version of Angora not the goat version)

Bunny foo foo

I found this in a little booth that had no customers in it (can you believe that!) and on the bottom of a rack was 2 packages of 2oz of angora. Oh I grabbed those puppies as fast as I could.

Bunny foo foo

I love just petting it!

Bunny foo foo

I love that I made thick thin yarn. Once I got passed the beginning stage of spinning it is very hard to make thick thin again.
Granted it is not a true thin thick yarn but it isn't even and that is what I wanted.

Bunny foo foo

yarn: 169 yards, 2 ply, dk/worsted weight
fiber: 4oz of 100% Angora (bunny)

This was very fun to spin too. I need to find something for it. I was thinking hat but then I really wouldn't be feeling it, maybe a scarf? I have plenty already. Maybe I will make a cowl. I only have 1 and I think they are really a neat thing.

Oh boy I just used the word neat!


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Karen said...

Wow!!! I'm so impressed by your spinning. Your yarns are so beautiful. Almost makes me want to buy a wheel. :)