Saturday, June 13, 2009


it has not been quite a month yet. I really am trying to keep blogging, especially after I heard that 70% of blogs are going bye bye. I heart my little corner of the blogosphere and will not go down quietly.

Well lets see what has the last month brought me....... Still hurt and after getting a "the doctor was this close to putting me into the hospital" case of bronchitis I am much better. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate my asthma? Any who, that little case put my procedure I my supposed to get done back to this monday. Nervous yet...... yep I do believe I am starting to become nervous. It is nothing major, just in out but I will be under and that has always scared me.

School is almost over... 2 weeks left. I am so not ready! At the same time I can not wait to see my kids more then a few waking hours a day. Oh the plans I have, we will see how many happen. = ) I know one thing that will really be happening this summer. I am going to put way more energy into my Etsy store. I have a bunch of stock coming in, more dyes in some really pretty colors and lots of ideas running through my head that I want to do. I have patterns that I want to write up. I love making things it is the actual writing that I do not like. "I know what I am doing but will anyone else understand what the heck I am talking about" - thing that I do not like. Well I figure if I just put in a few minutes each day, the whole tiny bites and before you know it you are done type thing.

Well I have not really taken pictures of much but I do have this picture

bunny nuggets

Bunny Nuggets!! So cute. So fast. I made all of them the night before Easter. Nothing like waiting to the last minute! Everyone loved them!


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Toni said...

Good luck on Monday!