Friday, March 11, 2011

Do you see what I see

Sun!!!! I am just sitting out here in the sun. It is so warm, though the breeze is still chilly. I am watching The Hershey chase birds. Silly thing. She is not the only one happy spring is coming. I am already planning on getting the garden ready this weekend. Not planting anything just yet just have the need to be outside.

Wrist update. Swelling is down and I am being sent for a CAT scan because genius that I am totally forgot that I am no longer allowed to have MRI's due to the fact that there is metal in my spinal column. I even wear a medic alert bracelet! Anyway if the CAT scan doesnt show anything I may have to have exploratory surgery. Sounds like fun!

I am loving the birds singing! So nice to hear them again (well until they start at 5 am again)


Mereknits said...

Hope your CAT scan turns out just fine, Keep healing.

Aunty said...

Ah, that's nice; out in the sun! And a sunny disposition to match. Breathe in that fresh air even if it is chilly.

Take care of yourself!