Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's my

Birthday today. I am the whole 34. But today is different.

But first a quick little history. You see my Dad's Brother was born on March 21 and my Dad was born on March 22 and My Grandma (my Mom's mom) (Who was my best friend - more so then anyone before or since) was born on March 25th. So as you can see this week was always busy in my family on both sides and you know what I loved it. Now a days not so much.

My Dad has been gone over 8 years, My Uncle 15 and my Grandma 11. I am the last one. I have not liked my birthday ever since. I miss them more this week then at any other time of the year. I am usually not a fun person to be around this week (ask Hubby he can tell you)

But I am trying to be better. Both my brothers were born on the 24 of their months. (My sister would be born on the 24th too but she decided to come over 2 months early)

Other people share my birthday. Houdini for one. Kay from Mason Dixon Knitting fame and fellow raveler/friend Georgiana and I know there are many other people too.

Even Mother Nature is helping, because today I got one of my favorite things - SNOW!!!!!! I remember 1 time having snow on my birthday and it was just a few flakes here and there. It is not a common thing this late into March.

Hubby sent me this one. It's the fields from where he works. I woke to this email and considering the hell of a night I had it made me smile. He took it when he got to work (that would be about when the sun is just starting to come up) It is one of the most romantic things he has done. Something simple like taking a picture of a field of snow because he knows I love the snow and it is rare to have it on my birthday.
hubby snow pic

The snow was still around hours later so I had to take some pictures while waiting to put the kiddies on the school bus
snow on my birthday
24 snow

Now since it is my day. I am going to grab something to eat and take a nap.



Aunty said...

Happy Birthday, my dear niece, and MANY happy returns of the day. It's very nice to know that someone likes to see snow at this time of year! There's a couple of inches of it here too.

Give Hubby a hug and kiss for me -- and the children too!

Enjoy your special day.

love and smoochies to all

MOM said...



SDQuilter said...

Happy Birthday!! You have been on my mind. I say prayers for you while I knit with your yarn. I have finished two pair, one for me, one for Bruce, in your yarn and I get sooooo many compliments. I need to post them so you can see. You will always be my favorite yarn dyer.

Aunt Rene said...

A day late and a dollar short. I feel left out because I didn't tell you I love you too

Aunt Rene said...

A day lat and a dollar short. I feel left out because I didn't tell you I love you too! But you already know that yes?

Aunt Rene said...

did I send you 3 comments all the same? what a dumb a** I am if that happened.