Sunday, April 28, 2013

My favorite part

Hand sewing the quilt binding on.


Aunty said...

Strange choice for favorite part of quilting, but now that I think of it, I always kind of enjoyed hand sewing too. Your grandma was quite a sewer and darner and all that stuff in her younger days. She used to make us clothes. Matching, unfortunately.

When will we see the other side of this quilt, Q?

smoochies to all

Aunty said...

Oh, and interesting clip you've got there. {gg} Bet it's nice and tight and holds the fabric perfectly.

Toni said...

It's kind of soothing, isn't it? I've tried machine stitching it down, but I just can't live with the lack of perfection--even on the back. And considering how far from perfect all the rest of the quilt generally is, maybe it's my need to get one thing right on them...........:)