Saturday, April 20, 2013

The bear(s)

Here are all if them. So worse off then others.

The Blue-ish one is D's.  It's almost 11 years old!  K's is the worse. It was made from a really thick terry cloth that her two year self picked and picked at to the point that most of the bear has been de-terry-ed.  A's is the pink fleece one.

Here's Mj's.  I used a nice thick fleece. Grey was the only none girl one the store had. I used felt for the eyes unlike the other bears which have button eyes. Mj is a dare devil and destroyer of things  I wasn't gonna risk buttons with him.

The least blurry action shot.

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Aunty said...

I love the bears! Isn't it nice that they all still have their bears!

Beautiful work, Q.

Gorgeous spring day here, nearly perfect. Hope it's as nice down there and you're all outside having fun.

hugs and kisses to you all!