Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another update

( I really thought I posted this so I'm a little behind in the updates)

I know it looks the same as another one I spun. This is one of the other Enchanted Knoll Farm black merino but this one has blue silk and angelina. 

Then there is this. This one of the first fiber purchases I made at my first Rhinebeck. 

It waited this long to spin because well for some reason a bunch of it felted and I mean felted. No way to seperate the fibers at all. So I had to sit and go through 8oz of it to seperate what I could spin and what can't be spun. 
This is what I have to spin. 

And this is what I can't. I haven't weighed it yet, a little afraid too. I lost, I believe more then half. The bright side is I have a daughter who has found that she likes needle felting. So it will be used just not what I intended it to be. 

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Aunty said...

More pretty stuff, Q. Sorry about the stuff that felted (love the colors). I have no idea what needle felting is, but I hope we get to see some of daughter's work.

smoochies to all
hope you're staying cool!