Saturday, November 15, 2014

I am out of my mind to do this

So we are big Doctor Who fans here. Each has there favorite Doctor. My oldest is the 4th Doctor (played by Tom Baker). The 4th is the one who wore the famous scarf. The scarf was orginally 12 feet long that stretched to 20. It's all garter stitch and I can imagine the weight of 12 feet of scarf would stretch quite a bit. Anyway my son has been begging for The Scarf. So I bought yarn and started. This is all I have done

If I'm lucky it's 15". This is going to be interesting. The color changes help and most are not that long. The problem is I'm knitting it at a tighter gauge so it doesn't stretch to 20 feet so after 20 rows or so my hands are screaming and I have to stop. He's worth it though

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Aunty said...

Uh-oh. I made scarves for people when I was in high school and they started out fine and stretched way, way long. Good luck with this one for my grand-nephew! At least you're doing colors to make it interesting.

I hope we get to see it when it's done (being modeled by tall and skinny)!

Smoochies to all