Friday, November 14, 2014

You get what you pay for

And that's the problem with free patterns. Now I know pattern writing is hard, I've done it. I check and redo many times. Though sometimes you come across patterns that make no sense what so ever. 

Case in point 
The flat disc on top is supposed to be a hat. 4 times I redid thinking it was me since I haven't crocheted in a long while. Then I checked out other peoples projects. It wasn't me it was the pattern. So I am doing my own thing ( that's what in the bottom half of the picture) and basically using the picture for inspiration. That is what I normally do anyway. It's just been really busy and crazy here so I figured I'll just follow a pattern and relax. So didn't happen. Oh well

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Aunty said...

Sorry your free pattern didn't work out, but I am SO amazed and proud of the fact that you can create your own from a picture or idea!

Hope you're having fun too.

Smoochies to all!