Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A blizzard and a hat

We didn't get the 30+ inches the predicted. We are at 20"

So while we are snuggled in I finished my hat.  I used my handspun from the summer called Vineyard. It's nice and squishy. I had 2 skeins from two different braids so there was a slight difference between them so I really only wanted to use one of them. I didn't have quite enough for the fold over but enough for the hat

Vineyard is the three to the left. I used the middle skein. 

Fits him well my lil model. He saw that I was finished and came right over and wanted to model. Such a cutie. 

And because my Aunty requested it

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Aunty said...

Ah, there's my beautiful niece! Thanks for the picture, dear. I agree that MJ is adorable and a great model, but it's nice to see you too.

Snow looks deep enough, believe me. Hope you're not sore from shoveling!

Love you!