Saturday, January 24, 2015

Today in sewing

finished a quilt top for the Hubby. It was supposed to be a throw size but it turned into almost queen sized. No pictures I have to iron it first (and figure out how to take a picture, it's so big)

Anyway I flew by the seat of my pants and made something else when I was done with the quilt top. 

Took a pair of  pants and placed them down on the folded fabric. Then took a sharpie and drew the cut lines. Very technical. Cut the fabric and sewed together. Even did fancy seams. Then added elastic and


Baggy (very baggy) lounge around flannel pants. I do need to put a draw string in but other then that they are comfy. I bought the fabric at 1.75 a yard on clearance. So the three yards equal $5.25. Pretty cool. 


Aunty said...

Ooh, love them snowflake pants! Hope MJ is as happy with them!

Can't wait to see the quilt top you made for Hubby.

How about your hat? Finished yet?

More pictures, please.


Aunty said...

Oh, yeah, what is a quilt top anyway? Curious. And you don't necessarily have to show the whole thing. Fold it up and take a pic. No?