Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Did Something Important Today

I try to donate as much as possible and today was my kids elementary school blood drive. It took less then an hour and was painless- really didn't feel the needle at all- and it saves lives. Donated blood saved my brother and I's life. It's my way of saying thank you. 


Aunty said...

Good for you, sweetheart! Pay it forward.

"My brother and I's" = awkward.

"My brother's and my" = better.

In any case, donated blood saved your lives, thank God!!

Love you anyway, bunches and bunches.

smoochies to all

mom said...

Uncle Charlie donated for your brother........

Aunty said...

Aunty to Mom: I didn't know that! How wonderful of Uncle Charlie to do that!

I guess you DO remember some stuff, huh, Sis?

To Q: You come from a pretty nice family, kiddo!

smoochies to all!