Monday, April 13, 2015

Strange but it worked

I am posting this just because it was crazy and it worked

So Monday's are crazy here: 3 kids, 2 schools and the three of them needing to be driven in early.  Then there is laundry and speech.  Monday's start early and coffee is needed very much on my part. 
This morning my Keurig decided to go on the fritz. It was not a good morning. When I finally got home from all thee crazy,about noontime, I googled and tried almost everything there was. Then I found a website that had many visits and reviews. It said to unplug and turn it over and burp it like a baby. Strange but there were more than a hundred people saying that it worked for them. 

It worked. Hubby and I were very surprised. 

1 comment:

Aunty said...

So it was like a baby with air in her tummy? That's a riot!

Glad it worked for you. Nice little miracle saving your sanity, huh?

smoochies to all