Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Cold

Well my youngest had the sniffles Saturday morning and by the next morning he was fine. The rest of us not so much. It's Tuesday night and I still feel like a semi ran over me. We all went to the doctor's office yesterday as some of us needed antibiotics. Thanks to allergies and the cold I am so stuffed I got double ear and sinus infection. Yeah!  Anyways have basically been parked on the couch since well laying down is just asking for trouble. 
Yeah it's a crappy picture of the little bit of knitting I was able to manage.

 I am using a very early hand spun, maybe my second or third. My MJ picked it out of my draw full. It's strange looking back at it I was all over the place in twist and thickness. I am knitting a one row scarf by the Yarn Harlot. Easy but not boring. 

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Aunty said...

Sorry to hear everyone is sick, Q. Double ear and sinus infection, yuck!
Bet your head feels like a sewer.

I like the variant handspun. It's interesting. Don't they do that sometimes on purpose?

I hope you feel better soon. Waves of sympathy coming your way.

smoochies or maybe just huggies
to all