Saturday, May 23, 2015

My All Stars

The Today was all star day for our little league. My Dillon and Kris made it for their divisions. 

Kris had a great game and Dillon missed hitting a home run by inches. 

Today I had one of those mother moments when you look at your kids and wonder where the time went. Weren't they just toddling around after each other?

Then there's this
This is my home screen. It was taken a year ago. I had them pose this way again
It's crazy pants people!


Aunty said...

Crazy pants, indeed! What a riot! Your children are a hoot. Nice to see K and D making nice with each other. I'm glad they had great games too. Very talented kids.

So what about your little cellist? Was she there? No picture of her? Showing favoritism, Mom?

And the then and now pix of the boys is funny too. I saved them all, Q.

smoochies to everyone, especially A!!


AlisonH said...

Oh, I know! Said the 5'5" mother of four all grown, including a 6'9" little boy with two little boys and baby girl of his own. I used to sing the folk song, Where are you going, my little one, little one...

And then they actually did grow up, and I'm like, how...?

The days are long when they're little but the years are so short.