Thursday, June 11, 2015


My sassy girl plays softball and the way softball playoffs work is double elimination. You have to lose twice to get eliminated. Playoff started yesterday. 

Yesterday's game was an almost 4 hour long endurance game (they have to play at least 4 innings). They won 28-27. 

Tonight well was different. It was hot and humid and the poor girls were spent quickly. They lost 12-3.   Tomorrow they play again. 
This is what I do while cheering my sassy one on 

More left over squares. Easy and I don't have to look at to knit. :)

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Aunty said...

Sassy one, huh? Sounds like a good description of her, AND how I would have described you at her age.

I wish her luck in the next game. Make sure you post or let me know, Q.

Three days in a row? Brutal!

smoochies to all and a special hug for Sassy