Saturday, June 6, 2015


Here is my second attempt at that tatting snowflake 
Almost done right. I twisted 1 join and have no idea how. I am working on a "new" way to tat. Basically instead of having a bunch of ends to weave in it's a mostly continuous method. I managed one Christmas wreath and am currently working on a second. No pictures of either yet.  The second one I'm using real tatting thread. Found it on clearance for .79 cents (orginally 4.99). I only bought one of each color, why I don't know. Even my daughter said to buy it all. Stores don't carry this stuff anymore. Oh well I just had a couple of bucks anyway. Maybe they will still be there next week. Fingers crossed:)


Aunty said...

Getting better for sure! This one looks nearly perfect.

love it!

smoochies to all

mom said...

this is BEAUTIFUL!!