Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Catch up (mostly in pictures)

Lots of Pom Poms have been made. Hopefully an idea I have will work. More to come
Yep a kitten.  Murphy. Very sweet and already litter box trained- only took a couple of days
Went apple picking. Went a little crazy and picked a bushel of apples. Roughly that's over a hundred. A batch of applause is cooling as I type 6 quarts worth and barely a dent

Boston Cream cake from scratch. Mmmmm it was so good
Finally the first fire of the season. Celebrated of course with marshmallows 
Best hard "boiled" eggs. Bake in the oven 325 for 30 minutes then cold water bath. Amazingly good. Just put the eggs in a muffin pan for ease. 



Aunty said...

Murphy is absolutely adorable! Love all the pix of the kids outdoors and the apple picking. Boston Cream Cake looks scrumptious! And I love the new way to make HB eggs! I'm gonna try it. Your cousin B's wife bakes meatballs in the oven too. Interesting!

So you're going to have to make a lot of apple pies and brown bettys and maybe candy apples and baked apples. What kind of apples did you pick? Oh, I assume that was a batch of applesauce and not applause, huh?

Glad Bubba is doing well too. He looks as happy and content as MJ on the couch!

smoochies to all, including felines

♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥

Aunty said...

AAAAANNNNNNNND I assume you'll eventually tell us what the poms are for????

♥ <- spread it around, k?