Tuesday, June 5, 2007

and finally something about knitting!

well since this blog is about life AND knitting, i think it is about time to talk about knitting. so this entry will be about the shawl i started back in march. i bought this from elann.com. i saw it in their newsletter and had to have it. niw knitters out there will understand this. i ordered it on the first day it was available and it arrived on my birthday. of course i started it that night. i was about halfway done when i realized that i was knitting 2 bands of color in a stripe instead of just one. at first i was ok so it will not look exactly like the picture but it was still pretty, but then horror - i would not have enough yarn to make it big enough. so a frogging i went. it hurt but i got right back on the horse and started it again. by the next day i was back to half way done. then my hands revolted and i had to take a break. well this past week end i finished it. YEAH!!!. i still love it and hold no hard feelings toward it. i hate finishing and having to weave in way way to many ends drove me a little crazy. what really got to me was 3 needle BO of 319 stitches. many deep breathes were needed for that. without further ado here it is. Adara rainbow shawl.

here is my darling hubby showing it off. (he actually put down the ps3 controller and stopped playing socom to take these pictures- i love him so much)

sorry this one is a little fuzzy

and here is my pile of ends

well that is it. i have hope that the medication i am on helps and i can go back to knitting at my old pace. after all i need to really start christmas knitting. ; )


Diane Lovell said...

Wow! Awesome shawl! Just love it!

Jen said...

Gorgeous! Fantastic job!
Jen (JenInProgress from the Stitch and Bitch boards)