Tuesday, June 26, 2007

i know it been awhile.....

Well I am off for the summer so I am now updating the blog.

Well I will start with life first.
This past weekend my mom threw a party for me, my brother and herself. This was a big year for the 3 of us. I turned 30, my brother turned 40 and my mom will turn 60. She thought it was a good idea to have a party and have everyone together, espeacially since it seems the only time we see family is at funerals lately. Well everyone behaved. Yeah!!!!

I gave my son a mohawk. I think he looks cute. It is what he wanted.

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My oldest daughter graduated pre-k. Oh where does the time go!!!. I swear I blink and my kids get older.

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Ok now onto knitting. I have been on a tear lately and have a few FO's. Here they are:

First up: What the?

My hubby and I have a friend that we play socom (videogame) online with. he has been dealing with a health problem and to cheer him up I wanted to knit him a little something to make him smile. I found this little guy on the web (gotta love knittingpaterncentral.com) and thought he was perfect. I gave him a little fishing rod and a fish (also from KPC) and sent him off. Well he received the little guy and from his email he laughed his ___ off. I am glad it cheered him up.

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Second up: gifts for the pre-k teachers.

My daughter's pre-k teachers also taught my son when he was in pre-k (and I am hoping my youngest daughter gets them too). They are wonderful teachers and we love them. I wanted to give them something special, so I knitted (of course). I made one a cala lily (thank you knitty.com) and the other a book mark (KPC again).

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Third up: my son's kindergarten teacher's gift.

My son asked me awhile ago to make his teacher something. I saw this pattern at knitpicks.com and I have wanted to make for awhile. I was told she loved it.

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Last up: Apres-Ski Kerchief

This is from the book Handknit Holidays. This has been on my I want to knit list for over a year. I finally made it. It was really quick and easy to make.

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In other knitting news, I have spotted 5(!!!!!)moths. I am worried about my stash. My stash is bagged and clean, so I am hoping they just came inside and they are not the wool loving kind. I have my fingers crossed. Hubby thinks it is no big deal, but if there was a video game eating moth it would be a different story.

I am also going to attempt kool-aid dyeing. On thursday, a knitting friend and I are going to attempt it. I am also going to try to dye self stripping yarn. Wish me luck!!

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