Sunday, August 31, 2008

Guess what is blocked..

but not finished! I have no buttons!! I can not find any buttons that say "I look perfect". You know what I mean? Anyway here we are before blocking.

before blocking

I tried it on and wow was it short!. I almost added to the length but I have heard through grapevines (Raverly) that there is growth in blocking so I blocked first and I am glad I did. It fits just the way I had Imagined it, well I imagined buttons but I am still looking.

She is blocking!!
this is the best picture of the color. It is hard to take a picture but there are many shades of green in the yarn. I love the color!! I have a hank and a half left over too!

Construction has started again here, Yeah!= P Just in time for back to school and work. I go back Wednesday and even though I am looking forward to it, I am also not. Anyone know of a job where you can stay home and do what you want and still get paid? Oh well hopefully I can still knit there.

Well I have hats to show, 2 that are finished one on the needles and some spinning pictures soon! I am seriously going to try to be a better blogger in september.

Hopefully I will have buttons too. I never would have thought that buttons would be the hard part...



Abby said...

I was about to send you an email to make sure everything was ok. Love the sweater! I am going to a fiber fest in a few weeks where there will be several button vendors. Who would think buttons would be so special? But they are.

Jill said...

Wow, it looks great! And I can't believe how much longer it is post-blocking. Good to know. I haven't touched mine in a while. Looks so pretty. I love it!

Karen said...

Oooohhh, it looks so pretty!! And it sure looks like it got A LOT longer in blocking. I'm sure you'll find the perfect buttons soon - I know they are out there just waiting to be joined with your sweater. And then we can see official modeled FO shots!! :)

AlisonH said...

It's gorgeous!