Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not yet a week

Almost went another week without posting. I have been meaning to really it is just I feel so run down and exhausted yet I am unable to sleep. Go figure right. Of course being unable to sleep makes me more exhausted. Trust me when I say I feel like I am back in the newborn days. When I do fall asleep it is only for an hour or two and then i am awake. awake like i just had 3 shots of espresso. of course this only happens if i can actually fall asleep. Not being able to rest at first gave me time to knit and such but now my brain is so fuzzy that I am messing up more then making progress. I am thinking about taking something tonight, I have been like this for a little over a week now. No fun at all or for those around me.

Anyway I did get somethings done. The Emerald Lady is now on her third hank of yarn and does not look much different except longer. I spun a little but can not show it yet. Now I am trying to spin those silk hankies from way back when. Uhh silk hankies and no sleep equal bad spinning. Hey I could always pull the artistic license card. what I have been doing is sewing. I sewed some sock bags for the store (look to the right on the blog you will see my mini etsy thingie) and working on some quilts that have been hanging around since Skywalker was in my belly! Of course the toddler bed size won't work anymore so I am going to have to make both bigger. I had material for the one but the other is really a scrap quilt so I am going to have to find material for it.

sunflower quilt
Yes I have a thing for sunflowers. I did not have any black sunflowers left so I had to use what I had. This one just needs batting and a back material.

flower quilt
This one is the really scrap quilt. it is also my first try at applique-ing. It came out not to bad. There are mistakes but nothing to major.

I tried sewing earlier and boy was that a mistake. I goofed so many times that I do not know what I did wrong. So I am going to go parked my butt in front of the tv and watch the Mets hopefully win and see if I can see Hubby at the game. (He is sitting in the seats behind homeplate)

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Abby said...

I feel your sleeplessness! I too have not been sleeping well, for about the past month. May we both find sweet dreams soon!