Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday

to me!!!!! Yep I am a whole year older today (yes I know technically it is only a day older but my number changed today) The big 32!!! =)

I have been doing what I want today and making what I wanted today for dinner! Hubby made me my favorite devils food chocolate cake and even went as far as to only frost half of it. I really do not like icing and eat around it.

Well that is the big thing for today now for some knitting content. Oh on a somewhat unrelated topic I went thru my list of FO's, pictures on my computer, pictures in flickr and what I blogged about and all I have to say is wow I am really un-organized this year!! I have things from January that I didn't blog about, yarn I spun and have already knitted up that I didn't blog about. Yarn I bought and didn't blog about. Yep me miss I am going cold sheep bought yarn. Granted most was my belated christmas gift for the Hubby but there was 2 I guess you could call them illegal skeins of yarn purchased. 2 very nice skeins mind you. =) So considering that the last time I purchased yarn for the sake of purchasing yarn was back in November I think I am still doing pretty good. Of course I went and updated my totals and even though I have knitted through over 3900 yards of yarn I am still on the plus side of the yarn stash at least I am using it (sounds good right)

Anyway back to knitting content. My March socks for SAM.

micro monkeys

My Monkeys are done!! A few post ago I ended with the yarn cakes and now I have socks! I did them toe up and used almost every bit of yarn. I only had about a foot and a half left over in all from both socks.

micro monkeys

Yarn is Claudia Handpaints Short Sport in Purple Earth. I really like this yarn, Nicely twisted and glides nicely when knitting.

micro monkeys

Short row heel to maximize yardage

micro monkeys

Micro Monkey chart. Basically it is the monkey chart with a few stitches taken off each side and since I used size 3 needles the micro monkey chart fitted my sock number perfectly.

Off to do more of what I want to do!!!



Jill said...

Happy Birthday!! :D

Glad you are doing what you want and what you like today. It's the one day we can do that, right? The socks are lovely. I am digging the colors and like 'em with the monkeys. Usually I don't like really colorful yarns in the monkeys, but these are good looking and the pattern still stands out. Very nice.

Enjoy your special day and your cake!! (Jealous over here)

Karen said...

Happy happy birthday!!!

Your Monkeys are so pretty. :)

keri said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!! Here's to many more - hugs! =)