Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A very cute FO

My BF gave birth over a month ago. (Yes I am behind here) Little J is absolutely adorable!

One of the cutest Fo's

That little hat is just a basic rolled brim with umbilical top. She is a day old in that picture. She is such a natural model!

Of course I knitted for this little angel! I have made her socks, a pair of booties, a blanket and this

J's little lady

J's little lady 2

J's Little Lady
Feb Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman
size @6 months
Cotlin in Moroccan Red



Jill said...


So cute! Seriously, that's one really cute one day old baby. Seems like most babies kind of need a few days to come into themselves or something. Adorable. Love the sweater--looks great.

Abby said...

A cute hat on a cute baby. And the Feb baby sweater is gorgeous - makes me want to give up on my grown-up one and make a wee one like that.