Friday, March 6, 2009

A small miracle

My friend (Lets call her E) went to the hospital last friday expecting to leave a widow. Her husbands organs had all shut down except his heart. They removed all drugs except for the IV and antibiotics. Friday he went into a coma. Monday he kidneys restarted and his liver too. Today he is awake and aware, remembering who everyone is and remembering nothing of the week before. He did not even remember going into the hospital. She is holding onto the glimpse of hope that he does get better so he can go back on the transplant list and get the liver he needs. My fingers are crossed and my thoughts are with them.

After I last posted I went stash diving to find some nice yarn. I also dug out my "Wrapped in Comfort" book and started knitting. I finished her shawl last night. (She is of course still going to get it)

the lace blob

I knitted the small version of Alison's Bigfoot shawl. It went really fast, especially considering I used bigger yarn and needles. I hope it looks good when blocked.

not blocked yet but just for an idea on what it will look like.

Now I have about 6 rows of a baby sweater to finish (baby is due in about a week) so both the sweater and shawl will hopefully get blocked by tomorrow night.

Monkeys here I come!

it is time for some me knitting!!!! (feeling a little selfish)


Yarn P0rn is Claudia Handpaints short sports in "Purple Earth"

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