Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am alive!!!

Of course. = ) I am better now. Not 100% but I am improving a little each day. Next one happens in 2 weeks. Things have been busy while all the health issues have been happening. Life does go on. Plus I really hate it when my health issues take away from my kiddies. Honestly I already think they have taken too much.

So Skywalker had baseball. In fact today was the last game. I did coach as much as I could and this group of boys were great this year. We went to Little league night at the new Citi Field.

Little league night

We had fun but did have to leave early as we had a early morning game Followed by Drama Girls Dance Recital.

Dance Girl!!

(at rehearsal) Her group was amazing. They danced to Bad To The Bone. My daughter exactly. =)

My youngest, Buddah turned 5!!!!!!!! Yes I cried. My baby is a kid now. Next week she graduates Pre K. I am so no ready for this.

I also knitted her a pair of socks that were supposed to be for the SAM month of May, I didn't make it. The theme was flowers. I went overboard with the flower theme. The yarn is Cascade Fixation in Wisteria and the pattern I made up from a stitch in the stitch dictionary named bouquet. It is a little hard to see the pattern cause of the yarn but they are very cute. She loves them!

Buddha's Bouquet socks

Buddah's Bouguet Socks

I also started something neat. It is a sock but I am knitting it on a 9 inch circular needle!! It took some getting used to but the beginning you see here is now a pair minus 1 toe. =) I heart 9 inch circulars =)

Cherry Chocolate socks



Abby said...

Where did you find 9" circs?!? DPNs can be such a pain. I love the purple socks. Hope you continue to feel better.

Karen said...

I'm so glad the first procedure is over and went well. Here's hoping the next two go even better. :)