Wednesday, October 1, 2014

9 down and I don't want to know how many to go

I started sewing the circles down. It's a by hand thing which honestly I like but as I was putting it away I looked. It took one night to do 9 and that's just a corner. What did I get myself into? What was I thinking making a queen size like this?  Well the good thing about this stuff is there is no deadline. 

I also washed all of that yarn I spun during the Tour de Fleece. 

And there's another knitter in the house

Her first knitting. She learned and kept going until she finished and learned how to bind off :) She already has something lined up. She wants to make a hat and socks. Between the two of them I might just have to lock my stash up

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Aunty said...

The quilt looks really interesting, Q. Just take your time and enjoy putting it together.

I love the washed spun stuff. All really pretty.

And is that A with the purple vest? Is it a vest? That was the first thing I knitted for myself too. Had the gauge all wrong and didn't know how to fix it, so it never really got worn. Mine was a dark blue that your mom would have loved if it fit.

Tell your daughter to save her money for supplies!

Smoochies to all