Monday, October 6, 2014

Thirteen and a half months

That's how long I have been running. That's crazy pants!! I always hated running really. Even now. I love how I feel after and it's helping me but it is still hard some days to get my tushie out the door. 
Today I was alone. Mj normally a too early riser slept in so off I went alone and when I run alone my mind drifts. That's how I know it's 13.5 months, over 219 miles (!!!!!!!), over 2.5 minutes faster on average, easier to breathe too and I am 58 pounds lighter. Now of course I have way more muscle so my weight still isn't where the dr wants it but he is happy with the progress. I am down 5 sizes so I guess that says more then the number on the scale.
 I say in all pretty good :)


Aunty said...

Pretty good?? That's WONDERFUL!! I am so proud of you, Q.

wow, just wow.

love and kisses to all


Toni said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you!!!!