Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hockey is back!!

Tonight is opening night for hockey. Hockey is my favorite sport (followed by football (though it is having major problems) then baseball). What better way to kick off hockey then with knitting. Slow knitting but still knitting. The lovely sensitive and annoyingly painful scar tissue from my run in with a knife is right where the needle hits my finger. Basically I have to relearn a different motion which is going ok but every so often and especially when I am not looking I hit the spot. 
Anyway a few weeks ago I pulled all the knits out to go through and wash what needed it. Well Mj's hats didn't fit so he needed a new one. It's going to be another Lil devil hat because well it's so him. I am going to make another hat for him so he at least has two. I am using my friends yarn. The color is "Fire Engine" and it is what I would call a perfect red. I am holding it double so I can use size 4 needles because well if I used size 2 I don't think the hat would be done this winter. Yes I am really that slow in knitting -sad face as my D says. I know I will speed up eventually but to see how slow I am know when last winter I would have been done in two nights as opposed to hopefully a week is a little depressing. On the bright side I am knitting finally 

Go Bruins!!

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Aunty said...

Hockey and football, huh? OH, well...

Bruins???? Uh, don't you have a New York team you follow??

Can't wait to see the new devil hat. Be sure to post a pic, Q!

Smoochies to all ♥♥♥♥♥♥